Samsung S23A700D another 120Hz 3D Monitor Review

Samsung S23A700D
Although no official announcement has been made, Samsung has quietly added a new product to their 2011 lineup. The S23A700D is a more conventional looking but similarly performing alternative to the rather ostentatious S23A750D. However; we have been able to glean some information about this model from some kind Samsung representitives. The panel itself is identical to that of the S23A750D and is similarly specified with 23″ screen size, 1920 x 1080 resolution, 250 cd/m2 rated luminance, 2ms grey to grey response time and the all-important 120Hz refresh rate output. Samsung will also feature their unique Ultra Clear Panel screen coating rather than using a matte anti-glare surface for added vibrancy and clarity. Because Samsung are aiming for the complete out-of-the-box 3D experience they will also include a pair of SSG-3000GB (or similar) active shutter glasses and a copy of TriDef’s SyncMaster branded software for the sake of Samsung S23A700D

A release date of mid-late October is to be expected for the S23A700D in the UK, EU and US with an RRP of around £300 (US price TBC). Although nothing has been officially announced, larger members of the S700 series (i.e. the S27A700D) may be scheduled for released at a later date. More information as it comes to us and of course a review as soon as possible. via

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