Viewsonic V3D245wm LED 3D Monitor Review

Viewsonic V3D245wmFor gadget seekers who are still looking for a good 3D monitor then perhaps you can find your answer at the latest Computex event. Viewsonic has unveiled what they call as the “Ultimate 3D Monitor”. Sure it is catchy, but does it really measure up? Below is the initial list of features for the upcoming Viewsonic V3D245wm-LED.

This LCD display is a great add-on to your living room or gaming corner at home. It has a 24-inch display size, 169 widescreen panel, HDMI 1.4 port, 1080p (full-HD) resolution, 120Hz scanning rate, 2ms response time and an astonishing 20,000,000:1 contrast ratio. Moreover, it provides SRS premium sound system.

And of course, it won’t be a 3D display without having stereoscopic 3D capabilities. The new V3D245wm LED Monitor has a built-in 3D emitter that works with the pair of active shutter glasses that comes with the monitor (other popular brands will work, as well).

Viewsonic has revealed other exciting electronic gizmos at the currently held Computex trade show in Taipei. This includes tablets, digital camcorders, projectors, 3D HD displays and smartphones.

The Viewsonic V3D245wm-LED 3D monitor is scheduled for a Q3 release. Unfortunately, price details is yet to be announced but rest assured that we’ll be there to give you an update.

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