Acer Launches G5 Series LCD Monitors Review

new Acer Launches G5 Series LCD Monitors Review
Acer has today introduced a brand new Acer G5 Series Monitors that promises the perfect blend of style and technology to fully enjoy terrific cinematic views of the latest high-definition content. The new Acer G5 series LCD displays boasts of a unique design with hard edges and sharp cut surfaces creating a strong visual impression and giving a highly distinctive look.

The X-shaped base offers sturdy support and highlights the sleek, modern appearance, while evoking speed and performance. The result is an eye-catching design that will make a stunning addition to any room. The new Acer G5 series LCD monitors promises enhanced picture quality and are available in 5 screen sizes 61cm (24”), 58cm (23”), 55cm (22”), 51cm (20”) and 47cm (19”) with Full HD (1920×1080), HD+ (1600×900) or HD (1366×768) resolutions enabling jaw-dropping visuals and are just right for gaming, multimedia and productivity applications.

Built with comfortable use in mind, all models are equipped with adjustable tilt functionality providing an optimal viewing experience. The Acer G5 Series LCD monitors features up to 80,000:1 contrast ratio, optimized by Acer Adaptive Contrast Management, and offer a significant improvement of gradation and detail, especially with dim or bright images thus ensuring a superior visual experience.
Acer Launches G5 Series LCD Monitors Review
Improved response time with Overdrive (OD) technology enhances the moving picture experience, allowing the G5 series displays to deliver high quality moving pictures for 3D games and videos. The Acer G Series also offers multiple options besides the standard VGA video input, depending on the size of the monitor.

The Acer G5 Series LCD monitors also offers advanced digital connectivity by optional DVI and HDMI with HDCP support. The DVI interface maximises the connection quality between LCD monitors and video graphics cards in PCs and other digital sources, while the HDMI connection enables outstanding high-definition viewing. In addition, they offer seamless connection to the latest digital sources and a selective input function offers a convenient way to search for input signals. The Acer G5 series LCD displays take advantage of the latest display technologies:

Acer eColor Management technology adapts the performance of the panel to different environments, light conditions and viewing preferences enabling users to fine-tune the display settings by redefining the colour precision according to the work mode: data, media, cinema or images.

Acer Adaptive Contrast Management (ACM) dynamically adjusts the contrast ratio to achieve ultra-sharp images. Each scene is analysed to fine-tune images frame by frame and enhance colour quality, obtaining a dramatic improvement of gradation and detail, especially in dimmer and brighter scenes. Acer ACM also enables the LCD monitor to use less power and save energy.

Acer eDisplay Management is a powerful tool enabling advanced colour calibration and display management. Each personalized setting can be stored and quickly recalled for different applications and light conditions. The Acer G5 Series LCD monitors come with a 3-year bring-in warranty. Acer has not revealed prices or availability of these monitors in any market as yet.

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