LG announces LG DM50D 3D HTDV LCD Monitor Review

 LG DM50D 3D HTDV LCD Monitor Review
LG is going to launch its new Monitor namely LG DM50D, although it seems it comes with a few more features than the standard computer monitor to the court and the DM50D has all the features of the LG Cinema 3D TVs. The LG has apparently DM50D full HDTV image quality and comes with a built-in Freeview tuner, support for MPEG4 provides an integrated, DVBC, DVB-T, and it also comes with HDMI, so you can hook it up to 3-D Blu -ray players or game consoles.

The DM50D 3D offers the ultimate in clarity, more than twice as high as conventional 3D displays. What’s more, the glasses – clip-on glasses and wear glasses – are very light, have no batteries and never need recharging. This makes them very comfortable to wear even for long sessions or video sessions. DM50D the 3D glasses are very affordable and are compatible with all CINEMA 3D products.[wilkenmedia.com]

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