LG L177WSB 17-inch Class LCD Monitor Review

LG L177WSB 17-inch Class LCD Monitor
The LG L177WSB 17-inch Widescreen LCD monitor features fast 8ms response time, an true widescreen aspect ratio of 16:10, a Digital Fine Contrast ratio (DFC) of 5000:1, f-engine image correction technology and it offers maximum resolution of 1440 x 900 pixels with upto 16.7 million colours.

lg-177wsb-lcd-monitorAvailable in Black Glosy color, the LG L177WSB 17-inch Widescreen LCD monitor features 17-inch (43.1 cm) color TFT Active Matrix LCD display with anti-glare screen with hard coating, 0.252 mm Dot pitch, fast response time of 8 milliseconds, high brightness of 250 cd/m2, high a high DFC contrast ratio of 5000:1 in 16:10 aspect ratio offering maximum resolution of 1440 x 900 pixels in WSXGA widescreen format at 60 Hz with capacity to render upto 16.7 million colors.

The LG L177WSB 17-inch Widescreen LCD Monitor offers several user friendly features including automatic brightness adjustment, automatic resolution adjustment, flexible height settings, wide viewing angles for sharing content, and high Contrast Ratio.

Equipped with intelligent Auto Resolution feature, the new LG L177WSB 17-inch Widescreen LCD monitor’s fast 8ms video response delivers superior picture clarity for movies and games and ultra-wide viewing angles allows up to 160 degree horizontal and upto 160 degree vertical viewing angles provideing enhanced images from all directions.

Digital Fine Contrast (DFC) Technology

The LG L177WSB 17-inch LCD monitor features Digital Fine Contrast (DFC) technology which auto-adjusts the brightness of screen and maximize the contrast between black and white. The 5000:1 DFC Contrast Ratio ensures better overall front-of-screen performance.

The Digital Fine Contrast (DFC) technology offers users a clearer, crisper and brighter image. DFC operates in ‘MOVIE MODE’, which is optimized for maximum bright movie images and also suitable for moving images with various brightness levels.

The Digital Fine Contrast (DFC) technology, enhances LCD contrast ratio up to 5000:1 and also enables automatic detection of the image signal, and controls the backlight brightness accordingly.

LG’s DFC kicks in the ‘Smart Function’, that automatically sets up the optimum contrast ratio for each image allowing them to watch movies, animation, TV programs and even fast moving sports games on LCD monitors. DFC technology automatically analyzes the input image and then adjusts the contrast ratio for perfect picture quality. The special feature of DFC is most useful when displaying dark images.

In addition, due to the fact that LG’s DFC technology being able to automatically detect image source to adjust LCD panel back light, the LG L177WSB 17-inch LCD monitor consumes less power compared to conventional LCDs, which have the backlight always on.

The LG L177WSB 17-inch LCD monitor is also equipped with LG’s f-engine technology which is claimed to be world’s first picture correction technology chip incorporated in LCD monitors itself that results in enhancing the image quality. The higher the contrast ratio, the better the clarity and sharpness of images.


As against regular LCD monitors which offers aspect ratio of 4:3 (screen width : screen height), the LG L177WSB 17-inch Widescreen LCD monitor offers expanded aspect ratio of 16:10 providing more displayable horizontal area.

The LG L177WSB 17-inch flat screen LCD monitor’s widescreen panoramic aspect ratio of 16:10 allows two viewing full-size documents side-by-side or allowing multiple applications simultaneously.

For instance, one can run browse the Internet or edit document or run any application for that matter in one virtual display area while watching a movie on the right. Any movies, video games, etc, maintains the original aspect ratio, in any dual-screen area without any cropping or compression.

The wide screen display help increase work efficiency by allowing multiple windows with increased visibility. The Windows Vista’s sidebar on the right side of the screen can displays multiple applications and allows easy access to frequently used tools.

Fully Eco-friendly LG L177WSB 17-inch Widescreen LCD monitor consumes 23W while in operation and 1W in Sleep Mode and it comes equipped with ENERGY STAR Program Requirements for Computer Monitors and TCO’ 03 emission standards.

Available in only Black Glossy color (front, back and stand), the LG L177WSB 17-inch Widescreen LCD monitor weighs about 2.75 Kgs.[www.cyberindian.net]

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