Acer HS244HQ 3D Monitor Review

Acer  HS244HQ
Tired of looking at the same old 2D monitor of your desktop computer? Then, Acer’s new HS244HQ 3D monitors are here to add an extra oomph to your experience.The HS244HQ claims to be the first 27-inch LED-backlit monitor that supports both HDMI 3D and NVIDIA 3D Vision. Though it only has a 1920×1080 resolution, the display has an amazing 100,000,000:1 contrast ration that renders one of the highest clarity that gives the best detail that is available today. With 300cd/m2 brightness and 2ms response time there is no doubt that this 3D monitor really is a winner. Also, with a set top box, users of this astonishingly good 3D monitor can watch 3D movies with additional 3D glasses through a simple connection to a Blu-Ray Disc player. The built-in IR emitter also is a relief whenever it is connected to a PC.

On the other hand Acer HS244HQ, the smaller brother of HS244HQ is smaller and definitely cheaper. It boasts a good-looking 23.6 inch widescreen 3D LCD, with almost the same specs and features of its bigger brother. With a relatively smaller 12,000,000:1 contrast ratio than that of the HS244HQ there’s no wonder why this 3D monitor is cheaper, but still, that contrast ratio is good enough to give crisp and clear image production. Also, this cheaper PC monitor does not support NVIDIA 3D like HS244HQ.

Excited? These monitors are now available for U.S customers at leading stores; HS244HQ has a price tag of $689, while the HS244HQ is cheaper at $499.

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