LG W2486L 24 Inch LCD Monitor Review, Specs and Price

new LG W2486L

With 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution, the LG W2486L monitor achieves full High Definition image reproduction in the industry standard 16:9 aspect ratio. The image is created by active matrix Liquid Crystal Digital, or LCD technology, which is at the heart of most high definition televisions. LCD is famed for producing highly accurate colors and reproducing the all important deep blacks, lifelike and precise shades of gray and bright whites. This W2486L adds LED backlighting technology to the mix to improve even further on the typical LCD quality.

Usually, LCD monitors are backlit by Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lights or CCFLs. These are essentially neon lights that illuminate the pixels. LEDs, or Light Emitting Diodes are a more precise way to illuminate the pixels in that they can be more individually and exactly controlled to provide better image quality. The brightness of LEDs can be controlled in small regions of the screen and, unlike CCFLs, can even turn completely off to produce the best black levels. This monitor has an almost incredible 2,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio for more natural color reproduction and faster response time. This results in smoother action without the blur that is sometimes apparent.best LG W2486L

LEDs also allow manufacturers to produce monitors that are extremely slim. The W2486L is a mere 0.8 inches thick. The bezel and stand are bright, piano black. As attractive as this is, such shiny surfaces tend to reveal smudges and finger prints readily so having a polishing cloth handy is a good idea. The on/off button in the lower right of the frame bulges downward slightly in a design that LG calls Eagle Eye. It glows a soft red as do the touch sensitive on screen display buttons that are located just to its left. The red glow and Eagle Eye form is attractively repeated in the monitor’s pedestal as it rises from the base. The effect is subtly dramatic and attractive.

The ovoid theme is even repeated on the monitor’s reverse side where, slightly recessed to contribute to the slim profile, an unusually broad range of input/output connections reside. There are two HDMI interfaces as well as DVI and VGA ports.
top LG W2486L
Back to the monitors front controls, there are six on screen display buttons labeled Smart, Fun, Menu, Engine/Down, Source/Up and Autoset. We have mixed feelings about touch sensitive controls in that they tend to either be a little too sensitive or not sensitive enough. They’re also sort of easy to lose track of but these seem to be about as good as any. The Smart button is among the most useful with controls for the ambient light sensor which optimizes the display brightness based on its contents and room lighting. This is also where controls for the one or two hour auto shut off reside. The Menu button reveals color, brightness, sharpness and contrast controls.

While we like the aesthetics of the glowing Eagle Eye pedestal, we’re not too happy with the limited ergonomic adjustments that are available. The screen height can’t be adjusted nor can the display be rotated. For some reason the image of having to adjust the height of such an attractive appliance by placing a phone book under it is not appealing. About the only ergonomic adjustment is the ability to tilt the screen backwards by as much as about 25°.

LG warranties parts and labor for this monitor for three years though the LEDs are only covered for one year. If the monitor has to be shipped to LG during the first year, they pay shipping both ways. During the second and third years, they’ll pay return shipping but the owner must foot the bill for sending the monitor to them.

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