HP Launches ZR2740W , ZR2440W , ZR2240W and ZR2040W Monitor Review

new HP outs ZR2040W, ZR2240W, ZR2440W & ZR2740W
HP has launch a range of new IPS based monitors ranging from 20 to 27 inches. The monitors will be named as ZR2040W, ZR2240W, ZR2440W & ZR2740W, with the smallest 20” featuring a 1600x900 pixel panel and the largest 27” featuring a 2560x1440 pixel panel.
best HP outs ZR2040W, ZR2240W, ZR2440W & ZR2740WHP has updated all four monitors with an Edge LED backlight for lower power consumption and slimmer cabinets. The LED backlight has also earned the monitors the Energy Star 5 certification (except the 27”). The smallest 20” ZR2040W has a 1600x900 pixel resolution. The 22” and 24” monitors boast Full HD (1920x1080) and the 27” ZR2740W comes with 2560x1400 pixels. All monitors promise 1000:1 contrast ratio. Response time specs are; 7, 8, 6, 12 ms (g2g), respectively.
HP outs ZR2040W, ZR2240W, ZR2440W & ZR2740WOther functions include; 4-port USB hub, 35-degree tilt, height adjustments, swivel and pivot. Connectivity includes DisplayPort, DVI and HDMI (except in ZR2740W). HP ZR2040w, ZR2240w and ZR2740w are available now for $189, $289 and $729. The 24-inch ZR2440W will be available in October for $425.

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