BenQ FP241W 24" Widescreen LCD Monitor Review, Specs and Price

BenQ FP241W
The BenQ FP241W is an impressive 24-inch LCD display that, thanks to a native resolution of 1,920X1,200, can double as an HD display. Three of its six video inputs directly support high-definition signals (HDMI, DVI and component), while the other three are common video connections (D-sub, S-video and composite). There are no audio inputs, which makes sense because the FP241W lacks built-in speakers.

With all of these inputs, you can easily link the FP241W to a computer as well as to either of the new high-definition disc players (Blu-ray or HD-DVD), and still have HD inputs left over for an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. The DVI and HDMI inputs are HDCP-compliant, so there will be no problem using this display with content-protected video sources. The FP241W also has three USB ports, one of which is situated on top of the display for the convenient connection of a BenQ FP241WSetting up the FP241W is as easy as placing the stand in the target position on your desk, then sliding the display onto the stand until you hear a click. The click indicates that the display is locked in place. The stand has height and tilt adjustments, and it can be rotated 90 degrees. The FP241W package includes rotation software, but because most graphics cards already support display rotation, you may not need to install it.

After assembly and cabling, it's time to turn on the FP241W and make the initial adjustments. It is here that the display loses a few points with us. In order to have a small, stylish bezel surrounding the screen, BenQ places all user controls on the side of the display. This might be acceptable by itself, but in order to keep the bezel clean, BenQ omits control markings from the bezel face, which means you either have to peer around the side of the display to view the markings for each button or learn each button's position and function by touch. It probably won't take you long to remember the button positions, but this is still an annoying introduction to an otherwise great BenQ FP241WThe FP241W delivers rich blacks, something with which many LCD monitors struggle. An 8-bit-per-channel color system delivers above-average color fidelity. Gamers will be pleased with the FP241W's 6-millisecond pixel response time (gray to gray). BenQ also lists the FP241W as having a 16-millisecond response time in an off/on/off sequence. This is a more honest specification and one that we would like to see more manufacturers focus on, as opposed to hyping the gray-to-gray speed. There is also a handy PIP function for viewing signals from two sources at once.

The BenQ FP241W is a fine example of a widescreen 24-inch display targeting multimedia and gaming applications.

Pros :
Six video inputs include three HD-compatible inputs, 8-bit color, fast pixel response time, above-average color fidelity

Awkward control button location, requires a large share of desktop space

24"; 6ms G2G; 1000:1 contrast ratio; 500cd/m2; AU Optronics panel; D-Sub, DVI-D, S-Video, composite, component, HDMI; defective free 7 days from purchase; thereafter no bright dots/5 dark dots over 3yr warranty.

Price when reviewed : AUD$1599

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