ViewSonic VX924 19" Widescreen LCD Monitor Review and Specification

new viewsonic vx924
If it's true that you can never be too rich or too thin, then perhaps an LCD can never be too fast. The VX924 boasts a rare 3-millisecond pixel response time, which is about as good as it gets for video or gaming. Unfortunately, the ViewSonic VX924 isn't quite as impressive at other tasks. When it comes to image quality and color fidelity, the VX924 sits firmly in the middle of the road. Set-up is easy, as the package includes all necessary cables and the drivers are easy to install. The rectangular base isn't overly large, so it doesn't take up an excessive amount of desktop space, but it also isn't particularly stable from front to back. Adjustment options are limited to tilting the display forward or back. There are no swivel, pivot, or height adjustment options. The display is VESA-compatible, so you can always add an arm or wall mount if adjustability or desktop space are a viewsonic vx924The ultra-thin cabinet makes the 19-inch viewable area look larger than it really is. The VX924 has a native resolution of 1,280X1,024, and its viewing angles are somewhat limited at 160 degrees horizontal and vertical. The anti-glare coating helps reduce glare and reflections, which is particularly handy in office settings. A row of buttons on the lower front panel provides access to the on-screen menus, which are neatly organized and easy to navigate. One of the buttons lets you switch between digital and analog modes. A snap-on plastic cover hides the cables on the back of the display, which helps reduce cable clutter. The ViewSonic supports sRGB (standardized Red Green Blue), a color space defined by Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard. The sRGB setting helps provide consistent color across software applications and hardware peripherals, including printers, scanners, and digital cameras. This display is a good choice for viewing video, playing games, general-purpose use, as well as some business use, but it is not a good choice if color fidelity is critical. The VX924 package includes a power cable, analog 15-pin VGA (sRGB) cable, digital DVI cable, quick-start guide, and CD with drivers and electronic user viewsonic vx924
Pros : Fast pixel response time makes this display a good choice for viewing video or playing games. Includes digital and analog inputs.
Cons : Image quality and color fidelity are only average. No swivel, pivot, or height adjustment options. Base is somewhat unstable.viewsonic vx924ViewSonic VX924 19" LCD Monitor Specificastion :
  • 19 inch viewable display area
  • Contrast ratio: 550:1
  • Max Resolution 1280x1024 (default resolution)
  • Supported resolutions 800x600, 960x720, 1024x768, 1152x864, 1280x768, 1280x960, 1280x1024
  • Refresh rate 50-75Hz vertical/30-82Hz horizontal
  • Viewing angle 160 degrees horizontal and vertical
  • Weight approx. 13 lbs.
  • Height 17 in.; Width 18.4 in.;Depth 7.9 in. (very small footprint)
  • SVGA and digital DVI-D connectivity
  • Typical power cable (no special AC adapters)
  • Compatible with PCs and Power Mac
  • Auto adjusting (can also be adjusted manually)
  • Easy to read OSD (on screed display)
  • Manual adjusting supports: Brightness, Contrast, Language, Input Select, Color, Size & Position, Clock phase and Sharpness.

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