New LG 65EG9600 4K OLED TV Review and Price On Amazone

LGEG9600 4K UHD OLED TV we review here is no exception to that statement — it has some flaws – but having weighed the criteria, tallied the scores, and put it all into perspective, it is clear to me that LG’s flagship TV deserves the awards and accolades it has been receiving for offering the best picture quality available, despite some rumblings you might stumble on while researching the TV online.

I’ve already expressed my adoration for OLED in prior reviews, and gone so far as to give LG’s prior flagship OLED my first-ever perfect score. But times have changed, and LED/LCD TVs have gotten much, much better while remaining much less expensive. Couple such tight competition with the fact that the EG9600 may not be as future-proofed as others on the market and you’d be right to wonder if LG’s latest flagship is worth buying. Let me assure you: it absolutely is. If you’ve got the scratch, the LG EG9600 offers the best overall picture quality available.

New LG 65EG9600 4K OLED TV 2016
LG 65EG9600 4K
The LG EG9600, like the EC9300 we reviewed last year, offers the best overall picture quality in a consumer television available today. The reasons are: Perfect black levels, the best off-axis viewing experience, excellent brightness, and outstanding color. No TV display type outside of OLED can produce perfect blacks, nor can they pull off displaying a pinprick of extremely bright light in the middle of the screen without affecting a single pixel around it. LED/LCD TVs fall short here because they rely on backlighting systems and, even though these backlighting systems have seen some incredible improvements in recent years, they still can’t match OLED — the blacks simply aren’t as deep, and there will always be some degree of halo around bright objects on dark backgrounds.

Price Range : $4.997.99 on Amazone

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