Review Acer T232HL Best 23 Inch Monitor 2016

This Acer touch monitor has a 1920 x 1080 resolution and a 16:9 aspect ratio. The response time for this touchscreen monitor 5ms, which is average among the ones we reviewed. The contrast ratio for this Acer model is 1000:1, which is also standard among the monitors we reviewed. This means that it will display rich, dark blacks and brilliant whites. Another great feature this Acer touchscreen has is how bright the screen is. This screen is the most luminous one we reviewed. It measures 300 candelas per square meter. Compared to some of the other monitors, it is 100 candelas per square meter brighter.

The viewing angles both vertically and horizontally are 178 degrees. The viewing angle, especially for the vertical aspect, is paramount because of the way you use touchscreens. Instead of having them in a mostly vertical position, it's best to have the touchscreen monitor reclined in order to reduce arm fatigue. The wider the viewing angle, the better your picture will be when the monitor is reclined or even flat on a table. The pixel pitch is a little large for this monitor. The average pixel pitch for a 23-inch monitor that has a 1920 x 1080 resolution is 0.27mm. However, the pixel pitch for the Acer touchscreen is 0.31mm. The smaller the pixel pitch, the sharper the image. Although the pixel pitch is slightly larger than usual, we didn't notice a difference.
Best Acer T232HL Monitor
Acer T232HL


The Acer T232HL has a projective capacitive touchscreen. Many smartphones use this type of touchscreen technology. A projective capacitive screen has an electrostatic field that distorts when a stylus, finger or gloved hand touches the glass. Since this type of technology doesn't require additional hardware, such as sensors, the screen can be thinner. It also can be a simple sheet of glass, which creates a sleek look. This Acer touchscreen monitor enables you to have up to 10 simultaneous touches on the screen, which is great if you want to play games on the screen with multiple people. This is a great feature considering that most touchscreen devices only allow you to have two touch points. Although 10 touch points is quite a lot, one of the other monitors we reviewed enables you to have even more simultaneous points of contact.

A touchscreen PC monitor is different from a standard PC monitor because of its hands-on aspect. If you position a touchscreen monitor vertically, as you would a standard monitor, you'll quickly find that it fatigues your arms and the screen becomes impractical. This is why it's so important that the monitor reclines. The A-frame stand for the Acer touchscreen adjusts between 30 and 80 degrees. When it's reclined to 80 degrees, it's comfortable to use. It's easy to adjust the tilt of the screen, even using just one hand.

Several buttons, including the power button, lie along the edge of the monitor on the lower right side. They are in a place that was inconvenient for us because we'd accidentally press the buttons while we were adjusting the angle of the monitor. This is something that we would probably have learned to avoid in time.

Physical Dimensions

This 23-inch touchscreen fits in a monitor that is 17.9 inches tall and 21.5 inches wide. The look of this monitor is a little different. It has the screen and a frame around it, but there is a clear plastic piece that is about 2.5 inches tall that the framed screen sits above. This Acer touch monitor is 1.9 inches thick, which makes it the thinnest touchscreen we reviewed. It's also one of the lightest, weighing only 12.6 pounds.


The ports on the back of this LCD touchscreen have clear markings to help you know where to plug in HDMI, VGA, DVI and audio cables. The USB port on the back enables you to connect the monitor to a computer tower. The three USB ports on the side of the Acer touch monitor are for peripheral devices.

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