AOC rolls out new Aire Black LED Monitor Review

AOC rolls out new Aire Black LED monitor
AOC has a spanking new Aire Black LED monitor for the masses, although this time around, they won’t be too large of a size that makes it easy on your eyes if you have plenty of information to display. What it does, however, is offer a budget-friendly alternative coming in screen sizes of 20”, 22”, and 23”. Boasting of a glossy piano-black monitor, these will also be more than proud of being called one of the world’s slimmest display AOC rolls out new Aire Black LED monitor

You can expect to see some bonus features on this all-black model such as embedded Screen+ software that lets you divide the screen into four different self-contained work areas – and we don’t suppose having a social network run on one of them all the time is out of the question.

The Aire Black LED monitor, as previously mentioned above, will ship in 20-inch, 22-inch and 23-inch sizes, going by the model numbers e2043Fk ($129), e2243Fwk ($149) abd e2343Fk ($179)m respectively. Other hardware specifications will include a 50,000,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio, 5ms response time, and a DVI-D with HDCP input that makes your HD viewing experience a cinch.[]

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